2022 Predictions

  • More inflation, followed by price volatility (prices of individual products up and down rapidly). Then prices will stabilize and even reverse in 2022.
  • Big stock market crash and corporate bond crash.
  • Many publicly traded “zombie” businesses will go bankrupt.
  • Big bailout, the biggest we’ve ever seen, for industries like banking, airlines and maybe even some of the tech giants.
  • Enormous pension fund bailouts.
  • The Federal reserve will seriously consider negative interest rates.
  • Big push for universal basic income and the introduction of the digital dollar. 
  • Retirement savings will take a beating, especially for those heavily invested in tech stocks.
  • Housing market crash. It will be more severe in blue cities and states where people are fleeing. 
  • Tightening labor market. We’ll go from businesses that can’t find workers to big layoffs in record time.
  • Cryptocurrency goes way up initially in response to the stock market crash, then way down as traders liquidate their bitcoin holdings to cover their cash losses. They will also need more cash to pay for bills as layoffs and bankruptcies lead to fewer jobs and smaller salaries. | On revisiting this, bitcoin may trend downward with a massive stock market downturn instead of lagging it.
  • Red wave in 2022 and 2024
  • The Republican party will be overtaken by populism and reformed significantly. Old party holdouts will face increasing pressure to make way for the populists.
  • ANTIFA, BLM and associated movements will reform and begin mass protests, riots and property destruction to combat the rise of the populist right-wingers.
  • The intelligence community will ramp up rhetoric, investigations and false flags targeting the right wing and other liberty-loving people.
  • Increasing crime everywhere but especially in blue cities with lax prosecution. 
  • Another huge migration wave is coming as holdouts in blue states run to red states to escape failing local economies and rising crime
  • There will be increasing tension between two major strategies: The populist movement to reclaim the government from the elites who have co-opted it, and the balkanization movement that seeks to distance individual states from the power of the federal government. I hope the balkanization movement wins, as the alternative is very likely to lead to a hot civil war. 
  • Higher car accident fatality rates virtually everywhere. 
  • Suicides, drug overdoses and homelessness will worsen substantially

The Next 20 Years

Key Players

Elites and the Great Reset

The elites are the billionaires, fortune 500 CEOs and top politicians. They dine together, party together and conspire together. One of these conspiracies is called the Great Reset. This is a plan to tax and regulate the low and middle classes out of owning almost anything. The wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few thousand global elites through their muti-national firms. These firms will work hand-in-hand with a global government to set the agenda for the world. This vision is the latest version of technocratic fascism.


Foot Soldiers

The elites need an Army to help them implement their plan. Rather than recruit and train an Army, with direct control traceable back to them, they prefer indirect movements and methods of influence. This provides a level of cover or plausible deniability, to use an intel community term. There are three primary components to this Army:


Black Lives Matter

Abbreviated BLM, they are a radical Marxist group who preaches police accountability but often use that as cover to spread Marxist and collectivist ideas. They raise tens of millions of dollars which often funds organizations supporting trans rights. The group is composed of a global central organization called Black Lives Matter Global Initiative and many other chapters across states, countries and localities. The BLM Global Initiatives gives very little money to local chapters, which has created divisions.



These are the shock troops of the Army. They dress in all black, a tactic called the “Black Bloc.” They use intimidation and violence to suppress dissent. Many carry improvised weapons, fireworks and armor in preparation for fighting or vandalism. They often destroy property and attack counter-protestors when advantageous. Internal beliefs vary, but they are often used as the muscle for protestors from left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter.


Institutional Bureaucrats

The elites have compromised many of our core institutions. Science, big tech, higher education, primary education, the IRS, federal law enforcement and the intelligence community are all compromised by bureaucrats who serve elite interests. This is not a direct relationship. Many of these bureaucrats do not realize the conspiracy that they are a part of. These organizations indoctrinate their employees and stake-holders into certain ways of thinking. People who do not go along with that thinking are either pushed out, or exiled to the corners where they have little influence. The effect is we have a massive bureaucracy that is largely aligned with the elite’s fascist agenda, even if they don’t realize it.



The Unifiers

These are the moderates who seek to retake the middle of the country. Their goal is to peal off members of the right and left wings to build a new majority who will support moderate candidates. The unifiers largely ignore the elites and their agenda, as this complicates their efforts. The elites want division and won’t readily hand power over to a bunch of moderates.



Right-Wing Populists

Republican history is being rewritten as a type. More and more right-wingers are wondering publicly whether the right-wing is simply a party of controlled opposition. Out of this concern a new populist uprising is emerging. This is the same populist uprising who backed Trump for president. As this movement gains power, long-time Republican party leadership will be thrown out and replaced with new populist leaders. People are tired of being kicked around by their government. Many see this populist movement as a means for retribution.




This sect comes primarily from libertarian, anarchist and agorist circles. The soft-secessionist want to separate from the fascists elites and their radical Marxist foot soldiers. Typically this requires a hot war, but it doesn’t have to. History has shown that succession can be achieved through political power, non-compliance and parallel societies. The soft-secessionists seek to build new structures inside of the current system while gradually and systematically weakening the relationship between the federal government and state governments. Ultimately they want extreme freedom and are taking actions to achieve it.

Global Trends

Demographics Challenges

Developed nations have declining birth rates. Older generations will struggle as pension and retirement systems fail or face huge cuts due to insufficient inflows. Populations will get smaller for the first time in modern history. This is going to have widespread repressions, many of which are hard to predict.


Flailing Elites

The elites and their Great Reset agenda have very little chance of success. Elites do not retain power after guiding governments into failure. There are some who believe the elites are engineering collapse. If this is true it is an incredibly foolish strategy. Collapsing societies often meet with revolution.

Demographics problems are also plaguing the elite class. Who is the next Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell? The elite class is getting older and there are few clear successors to keep the agenda moving forward.

This does not mean, however, that they are harmless. As they continually fail they will become more desperate. They will flail violently as they try to retain control. These efforts will fail but could result in a great deal of violence perpetuated by governments under their influence.


Economic Failure

The developed world is built on a ponzi scheme of debt. It will not last. Our economic systems are strained and at some point will collapse. This will bring about global unrest. Fortunes and savings will potentially be wiped out as many nations will try to print their way out of a crisis. Digital currencies will be implemented in an attempt to regain control. They may buy some time, but they will ultimately fail to change the course of economic reality.



With increasing unrest comes increasing crime. Watch out for increases in property theft and violent crime in particular.



It may be difficult to conceive but divisions will get worse. We will get to a point where most realize there are fundamental differences in the ways these different players view the role of government. These positions cannot be reconciled. Moderates, fascist, communists, conservatives and libertarians cannot find a common ground. Support for balkanization movements like soft-succession will grow.



As governments become more authoritarian, citizens will look for ways to subvert government authority. They will do this through gray markets, local government, nullification and non-compliance.



As unrest grows, governments will tighten their grip to maintain control. Dissidents will be targeted. Police will be unleashed on peaceful protestors. Free speech will not be tolerated. One of the ways governments will target dissidents is by putting pressure on private businesses to freeze accounts or cancel services.


Cold Civil War

Key players are fighting to gain or retain power. Governments are targeting potential threats and even taking political prisoners. Resistance movements like the soft-secessionists are forming. Mass non-compliance, protests and unrest are ahead.

Competing Futures

Where this all ultimately leads is still up in the air. There are several competing futures, in which any one can come into reality depending on the details of the next few years.


Global Economic Collapse

Running economies on huge amount of debt is like driving through tar. You can do it for it bit, but it just slows everything down, and eventually you come to a stop. If left on its own, the global economy will eventually fall towards a long-term depression for years or longer. This depression will allow a re-allocation of capital towards productive means and slowly countries can dig themselves out of the mess. But there’s a problem. Letting economies go into depression would collapse health care systems, pension systems, savings, investments, safety nets and many many businesses. So instead of letting the market correct, in times of severe economic distress, most government try to print their way out leading to hyperinflation.


Hot Civil War

 As divisiveness and authoritarianism grows, the chance for a hot civil war increases. These could be short as in a revolution where the masses quickly overwhelm governments and take control, or they cold be extended battles as different take sides against each other. The stage is certainly set for a hot civil war in the United States, but be aware, the allegiances of the key players may be shifting.



Talk of succession is on the rise. Many see it as a way to free themselves from the radical beliefs of opposing parties. They’re right. Succession is the best chance most nations have to avoid extreme violence. Will succession movements gain enough traction to successful de-escalate tensions before we are sucked into war? That’s very difficult to predict.


New French Revolution

The masses are growing wise (red-pilled) to the game the elites are playing. Not only is this elite class psychotic, they are incompetent too. This combination will not stand. Right now enough citizens still support their governments where revolution would be opposed and probably result in hot civil war. But as trust in government degrades, the chances increase for violent revolution and retribution.


Mass Death

Mass death can come in many forms, but the elephant in the room is Covid vaccine-related injuries. At this point the vaccines clearly cause heart damage, various inflammatory diseases, and autoimmune disease. New research points to the vaccines causing cancer, fertility and infant mortality issues and possibly damage long-term immunity. In the next few years we will have a better picture of the true damage the Covid vaccines have done and what the long-term implications will be.  


World War

Governments love a good war to distract from domestic issues. The CIA has never been able to escape its Cold War mindset, so much so that anyone who challenges the orthodoxy that Russia is the greatest threat to America, is called a Russian spy. What will be challenging though, is that more and more people do not want to get dragged into another war. They want peace and focus on the problems at home. Will our politicians be able to push us into war?