England is ending all Covid restrictions including vaccine passports, mandates and masking rules (1). Starbucks is ending their vaccine mandate (2). Canadian truckers hold  an enormous freedom rally to protest vaccine mandates in Ottawa, Canada (3). The World Health Organization says don’t vaccinate healthy kids (4). Even Bill Gates predicts that the Omicron variant marks the end of the pandemic (5). 

Analyst Comment: As the narrative crumbles, watch how the pro-vax crowd turn on each other. The smart ones will quickly realize the narrative is shifting and if they don’t point the finger at someone else, they could be labeled as the bad guy. 

The widely adopted narrative will be “we didn’t know what the truth was early on, but we know the truth now.” Most people will not accept they were lied to and misled from the beginning.

However, parents who injected their kids with experimental vaccine treatments and young people who believed the vax was safe and effective, may quickly turn on the government as adverse reactions manifest. Those victims will become galvanized against the government. This may serve as another red-pill moment for many people, but certainly not all.

Expect a tsunami of lawsuits coming for businesses, hospitals and health care providers for a range of issues during the pandemic. My prediction is that ultimately the government will step in, indemnify all businesses who passed vaccine mandates and health care providers who restricted treatments, then launch a compensation fund for vaccine injury and other harms.

1. England Ends all Covid Restrictions

2. Starbucks Eliminates Vax Mandates for Workers

3. Massive Anti-Vax Mandate Rally in Ottawa

4. WHO Says Healthy Kids Don’t Need Vax

5. Bill Gates Predicts End to Covid Pandemic – Move to Endemic