The good news is the cultural Marxists are losing. Woke culture has infiltrated institutions in big tech, media, science, health, government, education and intelligence: It had a tremendous head start! Despite this, many people have now been exposed to the racist, sexist, and destructive ideologues being advanced by elites, and most people want nothing to do with it. Parents are retaking school boards, woke businesses have started to pay a price, and local and even national governments are pushing back. The Marxists are now on the defense while resistance movements are gaining strength. It’s still early, but there is a clear path forward to defeat these attempts to undermine capitalism, work ethic and meritocracy.

Complicating future predictions is the fallout from government actions during the Covid pandemic. The elites are in full retreat as mandates are pulled and most of the world is re-opening. As highlighted in prior reporting, governments around the world are working hard to bury data about vaccine efficacy and safety, but the narrative is coming apart. The vaccines are largely ineffective and are causing significant injuries and death in millions of people. It is very unlikely global populations will react well as more people begin to realize the vaccines were dangerous, and governments and pharma companies knew they were dangerous from the start. Worse, global governments coerced populations to inoculate young people, causing grave damage to future generations. This is a potential catalyst for revolution and / or hot civil war. A reckoning is coming, but it could come in many forms.

Further, global health care infrastructure will likely be overwhelmed treating the vaccine-injured. Health care structures throughout the developed world were already struggling to keep pace with pre-pandemic populations. Now that incidences of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, neurological disease and fertility issues have increased dramatically, the quality of health care will decline throughout the developed world.


With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, geopolitical risks have ramped up substantially. The American empire is in decline, and Russia, China and others see this as their opportunity to expand their power and influence. As our enemies are emboldened to act, a miscalculation could result in World War. At the very least, we are headed into a new era of cold war.

However, our enemies have their own problems. China in particular has pursued an aggressive growth strategy over the past decade or so. This strategy has resulted in massive wealth inequality and economic failure. Growing unrest may result in the current Prime Minister Xi, being ousted. China may soon revert to a more conservative foreign policy stance as it seeks to solve serious domestic issues.


The Great Reset marches on with the recent release of the WEF framework for digital ID, which would provide the foundational infrastructure to shut dissidents out of society completely. Important to note, this infrastructure is not in place yet. Pieces of it are, as we saw with Prime Minister Trudeau’s attempts to lock freedom convoy protestors out of their bank accounts and destroy their businesses, but this system has a ways to go before it is ready for mass adoption. This means the rollout is in a vulnerable position as it requires the populaces’ continued compliance with incremental invasions of privacy. Given the social change we are witnessing now and the backlash on the horizon over Covid, that may not be a given. The Great Reset is assessed as a moderate risk going forward, but the rollout will face many difficult challenges ahead.

Economic collapse of the United States and the developed world remains the biggest concern. Economies are the engines of society, and when they fail, everything else stops. There is only one path out of our debt-strapped, bubble-economy supernova in the making; unprecedented austerity. Governments of the world must dismantle virtually all social support systems, slash government spending in half or more, slash regulations and hope to spur a new wave of entrepreneurship and small business. If history is any indication, this will not happen. Instead governments will wait for the collapse, then begin a new unprecedented round of bailouts to re-inflate the many bubbles society has become dependent on, ultimately resulting in hyperinflation. Hyperinflation leads to complete economic shutdown and typically revolution and war.

The great Dave Collum has previously pointed out it is possible for the United States to attempt to tread water and let GDP growth eventually catch up to debt. This would be a less severe economic shock, but this approach has its owns problems. It relies on underlying societal and political stability and will still require a good bit of austerity measures. Either way, hyperinflation is very likely the path we will take in the future.