Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr., Little Rock Police Department Chief Keith Humphrey and Michael Sanders with Office of Neighborhood Safety held a press conference to provide updates on crime in Little Rock. The number of violent crimes reported is up 10% to this...

Students at North Little Rock high school staged a protest demanding the removal of a teacher over allegations of sexual assault made over social media. The school was briefly put on lockdown as a result of the protests. Source

An Arkansas corrections officer assisting Deputies in Pulaski county, was fatally shot while responding to a domestic disturbance. Source

Little Rock, Arkansas will light up bridges in the city in support of Ukraine. Source

In an address on violent crime, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, Jr., said “we have teenagers who have access to military weapons, ” and “they need to have a job,” he said. “We need to keep them busy.” Source

Little Rock passed a public health emergency resolution for gun violence. The resolution includes additional overtime for law enforcement, additional community programming, and the hiring of social workers. Source