CONWAY, Ark. – Protests over decisions made by the Conway School Board led to arrests outside of a board meeting Tuesday evening. The board recently stirred controversy after an October vote regarding the use of bathrooms and room assignments on overnight trips being...

58-year-old Arkansas man accused of sexually assaulting 31 children over the span of 25 years. Source

Former Bentonville Pastor, Keenan Hord, was arrested on child abuse charges. Based on his cell phone records, police believe there are up to 30 victims. Source

Shooting at Arkansas county fair in Fayetteville, leaves at least one injured. The suspect remains at large. Source

Pro-abortion protests continue across Arkansas, but the crowds have shrank substantially. Most ongoing protest efforts consist of a handful to a couple dozen protestors. Source

Small pro-abortion protests throughout Arkansas last night. Mainly in Fayetteville and Little Rock. The largest had maybe a couple hundred people. Looks like no major violence.