Winning Converts

First realize that this is a game rigged against the rational. An increasing number of people tie what they believe to be true, into their self concept. This means when you challenge one of their beliefs, you are in effect challenging their very existence. There are no facts or logic that will be persuasive if people believe their life is bound to a specific worldview. They do not want to be proven wrong. They will not be proven wrong.

If you want any chance of making any progress against someone like this, you need to forget about scoring points and tallying up the evidence to see what it indicates. They have their own scorecard and they will make sure they are always ahead. Put simply, they cheat. How do you win against a cheater? You call out their graft. The following are some of the common games people play to defend their positions. Use these as a template to call out the cheaters for acting in bad faith.


Climate Change

“…one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth…”

~ Ottmar Edenhofer, IPCC official speaking in November 2010

Climate change is a thinly veiled mechanism for the consolidation of power. Regulations, taxes and controls transfer power and control of our society and economy to elites, governments, unelected bureaucrats and even international bodies. They do not care about the climate or the environment. They want more power and control. This is a way to trick people into handing it over.

You’re a Racist

Americans in particular are sensitive to being called racist. We fought a civil war over the issue, so being called a racist is extremely offensive. This is exactly why the woke left uses the term so frequently. They know being labelled a racist is one of the worst character attacks, so they attack all of their enemies with the term. Now that the word racist has been so overused, they are experimenting with other words like white supremacist. “Do what we say or we’ll label you as something terrible.” That’s the game.


You’re a Transphobe

The transphobe label is used in the same way as the racist label, but usually to less effect. But there is an important reason why the woke left continue to use this as a pejorative, even when it doesn’t carry much weight: The woke left is obsessed with trans women, that is men who transition to women. The entire gender fluidity movement is about replacing existing status systems with a new system based of hierarchies of race, sex and gender identity. In this new system, the highest status is black trans women.

There’s a reason why the Black Lives Matter Global Initiative transfers the majority of its funds to orgs supporting trans rights, instead of anti-violence groups or police accountability organizations. It is about power. People out of power are seeking a new game to promote themselves into power. If you change culture to value minorities and radical genders where black is the top of the minority hierarchy, women is the top of the sex hierarchy and trans is the top of the gender hierarchy, the black trans woman is the most powerful of all in this brave new world. Change the culture and control all the black trans women, and you have the power to dominate culture. This is cultural Marxism in action.


Censoring Misinformation

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

– George R.R. Martin

Government and their partners in the private sector censor because they must control the narrative to control society. Free speech allows people to expose the corruption, the conspiracies, and the lies. For corrupt leaders to execute their plans they have to create an unpermissive environment for dissenters. Misinformation is simply information the government is scared will expose their complicity in conspiracy, murder, theft and many other crimes.


They Want you Scared

Why were January 6th protestors being held in solitary confinement without bail? Why is Julian Assange being prosecuted by the United States for being a journalist? Why did former CIA director John Brennan call Trump supporters and Libertarians domestic terrorists?

They want you scared. They want you fearful. They want you afraid to act, to talk, and to organize. In military doctrine this is the isolation tactic. The elites and the partners in the intelligence community know a well-organized populace, filled with strong communities is virtually impossible to conquer. So they want to make you worried that every meeting with a prepper might have an FBI informant waiting to set you up. Don’t fall for this game.


QAnon and the Chinese Invasion

Our governments want anyone who sees the corruption and is inclined to resist to be isolated. One strategy is fear, another is disinformation. One of the tactics of psychological operations is to create false conspiracies. Get enough people to believe in these conspiracies so their energy is spent on chasing ghosts fabricated by the CIA. Then when the conspiracies don’t pan out, ridicule and shame the believers in an attempt to ostracize them from polite society. The government needs us divided and wasting resources on nonsense. That is how they can conquer us. Don’t fall for it. Always demand proof! Don’t let yourself be used by the intelligence community. They are trying to trick is, divide us and mislead us.