In “Major Economic Distress Ahead” I warned about a number of trends that will result in severe economic distress in 2022 and beyond. Included in these were food shortages and food price increases due to a variety of factors like supply chain issues and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Several alternative media outlets have been reporting that farmers are being paid by the federal government to destroy their crops. Most of these claims cite a single video compilation from the channel Warrior68 on Birghteon.

The video shows several people talking about government paying to destroy crops for a variety of reasons. Most of the videos are from farmers talking about how they destroy their crops voluntarily and do not claim to be paid by the government to destroy their crops. At one point a letter and two binders are shown from the USDA, where the farmer claims these are crop destruction protocols from the USDA. If you watch the video closely, you will see that the binder is dated from 2018, and there are no documents shown related to crop destruction. It appears to be a binder about farm subsidies.

I have been unable to find any independent accounts confirming government payments for crop destruction. It would be very easy to scan or take pictures of the alleged USDA documents for analysis, but these documents have not been released by anyone.

Several farmers have posted videos refuting and making fun of these claims. Here are a couple:


The government is paying farmers to destroy perfectly good crops 🤔😱

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The bottom line is, this is a hoax or worse. Farmers aren’t being paid to destroy crops.

Fast Facts

Government pays farmers not to farm some land as part of USDA subsidy programs. Farmers are not paid to destroy crops.

The government also has programs to pay farmers not to farm some areas like wetlands and other zones to establish wildlife sanctuaries. Keep in mind, most farmers go along with these programs voluntarily because they are make more money when they do.

During the Great Depression farmers were paid to destroy crops in an attempt to create scarcity and increase the price for some food crops. This was done under the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

Farmers voluntarily destroyed massive amounts of agricultural products during the pandemic due to labor shortages. Many farmers had difficulty harvesting, transporting and selling their yield so some opted to destroy crops rather than to take a loss trying to get them to market. Source, Source

It’s All Part of the Plan

There is a long standing narrative that every crisis that happens is part of a grand plan of the elites. This story fits into that narrative very nicely which is why it gained so much traction and received so little criticism. The belief is that society must be collapsed for the elites to push through their authoritarian measures. I have never been a fan of this theory and I have cited many reasons why in past products and assessments. The biggest reason is because the elites continue to be caught off guard by public reactions, and they constantly have to pivot their plans and policies.

Additionally, the system right now works very well for the elites. If you are a top politician, military leader, contractor, business owner, there are trillions of dollars that can be funneled into your bank account through all sorts of grift. Why would any of the elite’s want to destroy the money train? The “it’s all part of the plan” theory has it exactly backwards. The elites want the grift to continue but see the signs that this corrupted system is failing. Organizations like the World Economic Forum and it’s Great Reset Agenda are a flailing attempt to retain power and keep the grift going.

Don’t Fall for Psyops!

The United States is one of the most heavily propagandized countries in the world. We have massive flows of resources into the intelligence community which invests heavily in operations targeting American citizens. Some of these operations include psyops. I’ll often see preppers and others talk about government psyops, but rarely do they stop to consider if lie like the “farmer’s are being paid to destroy crops” lie are part of an intel community psyop. The elites don’t want to break the system, they just want to scare you. We saw this during the pandemic.

The pandemic was not a major threat to humanity, but the propaganda that it was gave government the cover to push all manner of strict control measures. The elites want to implement more control measures like digital IDs, digital dollars, and social credit scores. These control measures will help them retain control as the system truly falls apart. Destroying the system will not allow them to do any of those things. What they need to do is scare people into compliance. That’s one of the primary purposes of psyops.

Don’t fall for fear folks! The more people embrace lies like this food supply nonsense, the more vulnerable we are to being manipulated by government actors. Demand facts and stick to the truth.