Seymour Hersh lays out how the United States carried out the demolition of the Nordsteam pipelines connecting Russia to Germany. Citing a source familiar with the operation, Hersh says the US used Navy Divers (not special forces qualified) to carry out the mission with the assistance of Norway. Explosives were emplaced during the BALTOPS 22 exercise in the region, then remotely detonated using a sonar buoy dropped from a plane. Congress was not briefed on the operation but Joe Biden allegedly approved it.

Planners remarked that if the US was exposed as the perpetrator it would be “an act of war.”

Analyst Comment: Not only would this be considered an act of war by Russia, but the Europeans have a new scapegoat for their energy issues, the United States. European nations have already been exploring strengthening their relationships with China, this revelation will provide fuel for Europe to pursue alternative partners, the result will be further isolation of the US on the world’s stage.