“Bill Gates secured hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from his foundation’s impeccably timed investment in BioNTech — the Pfizer partner for its mRNA Covid shots — before dramatically reversing course and proceeding to openly cast doubt on the whole of mRNA technology.

In reviewing SEC filings, The Dossier has found that the Gates Foundation’s holdings in BioNTech went from 1,038,674 shares to 148,674 shares over the course of the third quarter of 2021, downsizing the Gates position in the mRNA vaccine manufacturer by 86 percent of shares held…

After selling his mRNA company shares, Gates changed his tune on the tech behind the “miracle cure.” Gates, who once claimed that vaccination with mRNA shots had a preventive effect and ‘helps your heart,’ began to criticize the experimental injections.

In November of 2021, Gates, after dumping 86 percent of his BioNTech bag, shockingly declared that ‘we need a new way of doing the vaccines.'”

Analyst Comment: This is the Gates grift. Many believe Gates is pushing vaccines as part of a larger agenda for population control: That is a convenient incidental. His primary motivation is profits, and he will turn on a dime if he can profit from the shift. RFK Jr. does an excellent job of detailing Gates money-grabbing schemes in the Real Anthony Fauci.