Black Lives Matter Global Initiative has suspended all fundraising after legal threats from the California state Attorney General. The group has failed to file proper financial statements in multiple states and disclose how donations are used.

Analyst Comment: I’ve reported previously on the resignation of Patrisse Cullors due to millions of dollars of questionable real estate purchases, and a multi-million dollar transfer transfer to a Canadian BLM group ran by Cullor’s spouse. Much of that money was used to purchase a $6 million dollar mansion, formerly used as the headquarters for the Canadian Communist party. The national BLM group is a largely Marxist organization ran by grifters. Now that this is being exposed openly, the movement will suffer. BLM national was important central figure. As it is collapsing, the state-level chapters will suffer. One possible scenario is that the Marxists in BLM and ANTIFA begin resisting the fascists in the progressive elite, resulting in a left wing cold civil war.