“A horrifying video shows Austin tech entrepreneur Rajan ‘Raj’ Moonesinghe being shot dead by local police as he inspected the perimeter of his home for an intruder with a rifle in his hands.

Moonesinghe, 33, a successful tech entrepreneur who had moved to the wealthy South Austin neighborhood about five years ago, was killed on the front porch of his home on November 15. As he lay dying, he said the words: ‘It wasn’t me.’

At around 12.30am, Moonesinghe told a neighbor that someone was in his house and he was going to call 911, the WSJ reported.

Police arrived on the scene just five minutes later, moments after Moonesinghe fired two shots into his own living room – and four shots were fired that killed the businessman… Nearly as soon as they had arrived, Officer Daniel Sanchez shouted: ‘Drop the gun,’ though he began firing before he’d finished the sentence.”