FedEx and UPS have changed their shipping policies to target firearm shipments. FedEx now requires FFLs to have three separate shipping accounts for firearms, firearm parts and other firearm products. They also require FFLs to maintain records of items shipped and make those records available to FedEx upon request.

17 Attorneys General (including AR AG Rutledge) have sent a letter to UPS and FedEx demanding to know why the policies were enacted, and whether they were in response to a request from a federal agency.

Analyst Comment: Why would FedEx care what specific items are shipped? The ATF and Congressional Democrats have been putting pressure on shippers and credit card processors to crack down on ghost guns and other firearm purchases. Gun legislation has gone nowhere for some time, so now they are using direct pressure on companies to get them to share information on gun owners without a warrant, and even shut down shipping and payment processing for at least some firearms. Welcome to Fascism, where the government imposes its’ will on private businesses, even if it can’t pass a law to do it.