A friendly reminder to be careful traveling with cash:

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers continue to seize unreported currency at Washington Dulles International Airport, after officers seized $33,000 from an Egypt-bound traveler on Tuesday.

The traveler, a U.S. citizen male who CBP is not identifying because he was not criminally charged, verbally reported to officers that he possessed $20,000 and completed a U.S. Treasury Department form for his reported amount. During a baggage examination, CBP officers discovered a total of $33,868. Officers seized the currency and released the traveler.”

Analyst Comment: CBP stole $33k from a man they freely admit, commuted no crime. This is civil asset forfeiture and police around the nation will confiscate large sums of money and claim they are they proceeds of criminal activities. They do not need to charge you with a crime, and it is very unlikely you will be able to get your money back once taken. These funds are split between local and federal agencies and used to boost their budget.