Ukrainian President Zelensky doubles down on claims that it was not a Ukrainian air defense missile that impacted in Poland, killing two. This is despite contradictions from NATO, Poland and the US.

Analyst Comment: Ukraine has radar and ground observers. Further, we know NATO and the US are sharing intelligence directly with Ukraine. NATO said based on the radar path of the missiles, it was unlikely to have originated from Russia. This means Ukraine very likely knew this was their missile prior to issuing any statement. That means the President and Foreign Minister deliberately promoted a false narrative to bring NATO into the war, an action that would have resulted in a new world war.

Why would Zelensky be so bold to propagate an obvious lie that could start WWIII? First, western media and governments have continually covered up for Ukrainian propaganda and atrocities: Two examples are the Bucha massacre that was likely committed by Ukrainian Neo-nazi Azov Battalion and not Russian soldiers and the alleged bombing of a civilian mall that had actually been closed for years and was being used by the Ukrainian military. Zelensky assumed there was a good chance even though western governments would know that it was a Ukrainian missile, they would promote the lie that it was from Russia.

After all former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took an emergency flight to Ukraine to scuttle a potential peace deal with Russia early in the war. The west wants Ukraine to keep the war going. Zelensky likely thought he was playing into that sentiment, but zelensky wants NATO directly involved because despite media reports to the contrary, the war is not going well for Ukraine.