“Jackson County Prosecutors said a woman who shot and killed a Kansas City firefighter earlier this month will not be charged, saying it was self-defense.

Anthony “Tony” Santi died after he was shot at an Independence gas station along U.S. 40 Highway on Oct. 6.

While in the store, Santi heard Ja’Von Taylor cussing at a female employee. According to the affidavit, Taylor was upset the store didn’t have the brand of cigars he wanted to buy.

The clerk told Taylor to leave the store. When he refused, Santi stepped in and also told him to leave. Court documents show Taylor began threatening Santi.

The men left the business and began fighting in the parking lot.

The court document shows Taylor pulled a gun and the two men started fighting over the weapon. A woman who arrived at the store with Taylor got out of a vehicle. Video shows her picking up the gun from Taylor.”