Vice President Harris drove within yards of the pipe bomb planted at the Democrat National Committee (DNC) headquarters on January 5th (1).  

Analyst Comment: There are many glaring problems with the official narrative of the DC pipe bomb event. First, if the suspect carried a cell phone, it would be very easy to triangulate them by comparing cell tower data from the area. This would identify the cell phones in those areas at the time of bomb emplacement. Even if the suspect was smart enough not to bring a phone, DC has a tremendous amount of cameras. I find it difficult to believe the suspect could not effectively be tracked to a vehicle or hotel and be identified.

Pictures of the device show what appears to be a one hour kitchen timer wired to the pipe bomb (2).   Presumably, after being placed the suspect set the timer, and the bomb would explode sometime within one hour, depending on what delay was set on the kitchen timer. According to the official timeline, the DNC bomb was placed on January 5th between 7:30pm to 8:30 pm (3). It was discovered on January 6th at 1:07pm. It was neutralized at 4:36pm. If the bomb was active and functional, it would have exploded well before it was disarmed.

So what happened? Did the device fail? Were either of the devices planted at the RNC and DNC actually meant to detonate? Why would a domestic terrorist who was so skilled at evading detection bungle a simple kitchen-timer pipe bomb? Why would they plant it but never arm it? How is it possible for the FBI to have made no noticeable progress in the investigation despite being able to track down hundreds of protestors from the January 6th storming / entering of the US Capitol?

This does not even begin to account for what a monumental security failure it was to have VP Harris within close proximity to an explosive device. Why have there been zero investigations or discussions about this major security lapse and what can be done to prevent it in the future? I assess that it is likely this was a false flag carried out on behalf of federal law enforcement or US intelligence operatives. Confidence in this assessment will increase the longer the case continues without any progress or as additional information becomes available.

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