NY Times columnist calls for the expansion and reorganization of the federal court system: “Congress, and here I mean Democrats, should go further with a court expansion.. They should create new circuits, new courts and new judgeships. The goal is simple: to account for growth and to deal with the problem of a cohort of hyperpartisan and ideological judges whose loyalty to Trump may outweigh their commitment to the law.

Would it be a partisan move? Yes. But it is a truth of American politics going back to the early days of the Republic that partisan problems — like the one engineered by Mitch McConnell, Trump and the Federalist Society — demand partisan solutions.”

Analyst Comment: Judges have been effective at stopping some of the left-wing political attacks against Trump, right-wingers and constitutional rights in general. In order to continue ramping up attacks against political enemies, the left must reform the court system, remove judges who will follow constitution and precedent, and create a system to rubber-stamp their targeting of political enemies. They have this is DC, but many other circuits are not completely loyal to the ruling elite.