“European lawmakers adopted a non-binding but significant resolution on Thursday by 433 votes to 123, which criticized democratic principles in Hungary. This resolution comes despite Hungary’s government securing a landslide election victory with a two-thirds majority in April of this year, representing one of the strongest democratic mandates in all of Europe. The election was also certified as free and fair by a range of independent election observers.

Nevertheless, in a press release following the vote, the European Parliament condemned the ‘deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government’ to undermine European values and demands.

Furthermore, it claimed the situation in Hungary has deteriorated to such an extent that it can only now be considered an ‘electoral autocracy.”

Analyst Comment: This is the same playbook we see the western elites using in the United States: When the masses don’t give them the result the elites want, claim the country is controlled by a dictator and use every possible means to undermine popular will. The elites don’t like democracy, only the appearance of democracy.