“During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing… testimony from a Twitter Whistleblower… former head of Twitter security Peiter “Mudge” Zatko answered questions on the trove of alleged Twitter security vulnerabilities that were made public in a whistleblower disclosure last month.

In the disclosure, Mudge, who worked at Twitter from November 16, 2020 till January 19, 2022, suggested that Twitter had been penetrated by foreign intelligence agencies multiple times, accused Twitter employees of repeatedly installing spyware on their work computers at the request of external organizations, and alleged that around half of Twitter’s employees were given access to sensitive data.”

Here are some of the key allegations against Twitter:

1. At least one Chinese intelligence agent has penetrated Twitter

2. Twitter’s security practices make it difficult to track the level of penetration by bad actors and foreign agents

3. A Twitter employee could take over the accounts of all the Senators on the Committee

4. Twitter employees can easily surveil users’ real-time location data

5. Twitter is unable to delete data