The 4th US delegation to Taiwan this month included TN Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Analyst Comment: You don’t have to be a fan of China to criticize the actions of US politicians. After months of no political delegations to the country, a parade of American politicians visit Taiwan just as tensions with China are rising and support for the war in Ukraine is waning. This will escalate conflict with China and may pave the way for world war. Our leaders are either so incompetent they are blissfully unaware of how these actions will be viewed by China, or they are deliberately trying to bait China into a hot war. This is an especially foolish strategy considering China is currently facing its own economic and social turmoil. Giving the Chinese Communist Party a way to shift the focus of the Chinese people away from domestic issues will help them survive this upheaval. Now is the time to leave China alone and let the current regime fail transparently.