Capitol Police post job listing to hire an attorney who would “serve as a Special Assistant United States Attorney… This position is to represent the United States Government primarily prosecuting individuals and/or groups who have engaged in threats and/or acts of violence against Members of Congress, their staffs, United States Capitol Police employees, visitors to the Capitol complex, and facilities and properties within the Capitol Complex.”

Analyst Comment: The Capitol Police are the only Federal law enforcement agency that does not have to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests since they serve under Congress. This allows the Capitol Police to engage in all kinds of controversial activities while being shielded from outside scrutiny, unlike the FBI or DHS. Now they are trying to setup their own prosecutors who would work under Congress, not the Executive branch. Effectively there would be a prosecutor working directly for House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer with zero transparency requirements. This would give Congress the ability to arrest and prosecute political enemies with impunity.