ESG is a series of scores, taxes and credits that are being pushed forwarded by politicians and companies to solve climate change. These will apply to everything from individual businesses to the fuel used in your commercial flight. Private yachts and private jets will be exempted as part of the European Union’s implementation . 

Analyst Comment: You don’t have to be a communist to see that the rich are rigging the game in their favor. They are boldly creating cut-outs for their own lifestyles, while working to restrict the livelihoods of everyone else. They don’t just want to be rich, they want complete control. History shows us it won’t work, and it is especially difficult for the elite class to maintain control while global governments are failing. Typically, when governments fail, the old guys are removed, with prejudice, and replaced with new authoritarian leadership. This analyst expects the Great Reset to fail before much of the agenda is adopted. However, be on the lookout for versions of ESG to come to the United States, championed by the left.