The Wednesday hearing for the January 6th committee has been postponed without explanation. In honor of this sacred event, here are a few questions the committee won’t answer:

Why weren’t the Capitol police provided with additional support despite foreknowledge of protests and standard procedure of reinforcing the Capitol during large protests?

Why did Capitol police open doors and wave in protestors?

Why did someone unlock the magnetic door locks to let protestors into the Capitol?

Why has there been no investigation into the death of Ashli Babbitt or Rosanne Boyland?

Why is the DoJ charging members of the Oathkeepers with seditious conspiracy over January 6th while the FBI claims there was no widespread coordination?

How many federal agents, informants or assets participated or were on the ground during the January 6th protest?

Did any federal assets engage in criminal activity, incitement, violence, and/or destruction of property?

Who is Ray Epps and why hasn’t he been charged with incitement?

How many members of Congress were aware of the planned January 6th protests?

Why have there been zero investigations into the violent left-wing insurrection on May 29th?

Why did the FBI fail to stop the January 6th “insurrection” despite foreknowledge?

Why has the FBI made zero progress in the investigation of the bomber on January 5th?

Why didn’t any of the two devices explode on January 5th?

Why hasn’t the secret service been investigated for their abysmal security failure for letting the Vice President enter the DNC building while an explosive device was just outside?