CBS published an interview with a mother who managed to get by the Uvalde police perimeter and enter the school during the shooting. She said she entered, contacted one of her son’s teachers and encouraged the teacher to evacuate the students. She also claims there were no officers inside of the school.

Analyst Comment: As a quick recap, we know that it is universal standard procedure in an active shooting for cops to call for backup then immediately engage the shooter. We know the Uvalde police underwent active shooter training just a couple months prior to the shooting. For some reason that policy was not followed, but it gets much worse.

Police were on scene BEFORE the shooter entered the school, yet somehow the shooter manages to enter the school (there’s conflicting accounts as to how), enter a classroom, shoot several students, enter the adjoining class, shoot several more students, then exit into the hallway to continue the attack.

Uvalde police claim it was a barricaded situation but how could they know this if they did not have officers inside of the building? Obviously, it wasn’t a barricaded situation if the shooter was still moving freely through the school, room-to-room, shooting more students.

In a barricaded situation the shooter would be confined to a room, with a firearm trained at the door, prepared to shoot anyone who came through the doorway. Standard procedure would be for officers to surround all doors and windows to prevent the shooter from leaving until a tactical team showed up to take out the shooter. Meanwhile other officers would evacuate all of the staff and students while the shooter was confined. None of that happened! Police made no attempts to evacuate anyone!

If this witness is correct, then Police were not inside of the school. There were zero police injuries. There is no evidence police made any attempt to engage or even find the shooter which would have been necessary to determine if it really was a barricaded suspect situation. No effort was made to evacuate students, pin down or engage the shooter. Why? The Uvalde Chief of Police has allegedly stopped cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Time to put on your tin foil hats folks.